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Tracing Paper / Sewable Swedish Tracing Paper


BEST VALUE: 3 Rolls for $52.79, and receive shipping for a penny! (US ONLY)

30 feet long – 29" wide

Don't cut your patterns! — trace them with this durable, strong, see-through and "drape-ably" soft pattern paper!

If you have not tried our tracing paper yet, you don't know what you have been missing! Every pattern company has their own idea of how to size patterns. Now you can make short work of this guessing game by tracing your own patterns onto the Swedish Tracing Paper! Cut it out, baste it together, and try it on! Mark changes easily right on the paper by using a felt tip pen, ink pen, or a pencil. Remove your basting, and pin to your fabric for cutting.

You have just avoided an expensive mistake! Some more great tips…

Sewing for a baby who lives somewhere else? Send a piece of Swedish Tracing Paper to Mom. Have her lay the baby on the paper like a gingerbread cookie (!) and trace all around the baby. Now you can superimpose any commercial pattern over the "paper baby", and you'll know exactly what size to make. Works every time! Try using it with machine embroidery. No need to tear it away, as it washes nicely and does not shrink. Turn appliqué as well. It presses wonderfully using a steam or dry iron.

Canadian orders:
Minimum order is 2+1 (2 rolls plus 1 free) = 3 rolls. $35.20 + shipping $44.80
Total: US$80.00
We recommend ordering 6 rolls (4+2 free) because of the lower shipping charge per roll. See below.

Please contact "Punch with Judy" at judy@punchwithjudy.com.au or www.punchwithjudy.com.au
Phone: 02 6920 2238. Mobile: 0429 202120

Other Foreign countries: Min 6 rolls (4+2 free).
Please e-mail us at info@birchstreetclothing.com for shipping charges before placing your order

 #STP12C CANADIAN ORDERS: 12 Rolls Swedish Tracing Paper for Price of 8

STP Buy 8 rolls of paper and get 4 rolls FREE… and reduce shipping!

 $140.80   + $60.20 S/H            


 #STP6C CANADIAN ORDERS: 6 Rolls Swedish Tracing Paper for Price of 4

STP Buy 4 rolls of paper and get 2 rolls FREE… and reduce shipping!

 $70.40   + $54.60 S/H            


 #STPUS3 Swedish Tracing Paper: 3 Rolls

(USA orders only)

 $52.79   + $0.01 S/H            


 #STPUS2 Swedish Tracing Paper: 2 Rolls


 $35.20   + $14.80 S/H            


 #STP3C CANADIAN ORDERS: 3 Rolls Swedish Tracing Paper for Price of 2

CANADIAN ORDERS: STP Buy 2 rolls of paper and get a 3rd roll FREE… and reduce shipping

 $35.20   + $44.80 S/H            


 #STPUS1 Swedish Tracing Paper

Don't cut your patterns! Trace them using Swedish Tracing Paper. Drape-ably soft, yet strong enough to sew on. Avoid expensive mistakes and baste the pattern together first and try it on to check for fit. Use it to make a durable master pattern.

Rolls are 29" wide and 30 ft. long

 $17.60   + $12.40 S/H            


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