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Infants/Kids/Teens Clothes & Playtime / PVC Playhouse


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4 feet square and 6 feet tall.

This high quality playhouse can be assembled in minutes, for hours of indoor or outdoor fun. Customize your own themes like a pet shop, store, doctor's office, boat house, etc. Special 3/4 connector hardware is provided with this pattern. All you need is the straight PVC pipe and the fabric. Finished house is 6ft tall at the peak and 45" square.

Materials required:
Designed for 44/45" inch wide fabric only!

Walls 6yds.
Lining 3yds.
Roof 3 1/2yds.
Door 1 1/2yds.
Drapes 1/2yd.

Connector hardware provided with this pattern

To assemble the PVC House you will need to cut from 3/4" PVC pipe the following pieces (assembly instructions included):

9 pieces 42 inches long
6 pieces 49 inches long
4 pieces 29 inches long
4 pieces 1 inch long

 #PVC PVC Playhouse

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